Beautiful Property with guesthouse and swimming pool in Costa Rica (25874m2)

Los Angeles de Tabarcia (San Jose province)

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£ 365,000

We are selling a beautiful property with recreational infrastructure (swimming pool, gardens, barbecue ranch) in the surroundings of Tabarcia. The beautiful finca has a guesthouse and comprises 2,5 hectar (25873,67 m2 -square meters). Main facts about this great investment with multiple usage possiblities:

  1. Size: 2 hectars and 5873.67m2, that is a total of 25873.67 m2 (square meters). Googlemaps coordinates approx. ca. 9.880414828804732, -84.25727636487989).  The property has 3 buildings (described in more detail below): a main guesthouse with spacious swimming pool (5x10 m2), a manager (administrative) house, and a barbecue ranch by the river side. The property is very quiet as it has no neighbours: it is delimited by a river, a rural road and a fresh water creek (details below). Internet, cable TV, electricity and potable water are available.
  2. Location: the property is in the province (state) SAN JOSE, district of TABARCIA, region (canton) of LOS ANGELES DE TABARCIA, approx. 2 KM from the city of TABARCIA and just beside the elementary school of the village, the “Escuela Manuel Bustamante Vargas”. Tabarcia is a very well developed city in the country side. It has elementary schools, secondary schools, a sports hall, a soccer field, a church, supermarkets, and a healthcare facility managed by the Red Cross (primary health care). The trip from the property to the city of Tabarcia is a car ride of approx. 10 minutes on a well maintained and to 80% asphalted road.
  3. Surroundings: In addition to Tabarcia you can also easily access the town of Guayabo de Mora. The trip to this town is a beautiful excursion of 3KM (also some 10 minutes) which is very inviting for mountain bikers, quad bikers and hikers. In the little town of Guayabo you will find a church, a supermarket and the connection to the regional main road leading to bigger cities like Puriscal, Orotina and of course San José. In Guayabo you will also find the service provider COOPE-SANTOS, reponsible for the services of Internet, cable TV and electricity available in the finca. From Guayabo it takes less than 15 minutes to the city of Puriscal. Puriscal is a well developed city with elementary schools, secondary schools, supermarkets and a significant economic activity (saw mills and tabac industry, for example). Another bigger city relatively close to the property is Villa Colón (approx. 30 minutes), which is on the route from the Capital San José to the property. It must be mentioned that this region of Costa Rica has a very low criminality rate as the latest statistics confirm. Other bigger cities with modern infrastructure are Escazú and the capital San José, accessible within one hour.

Opportunities for use of the finca: the property has a huge potential for multiple usages:

  1. The eastern boundary, which extends for approx. 150 meters along a roural road, could be split into smaller parcels (e.g. with 12 m front side) for urbanization purposes.
  2. A touristical project would be another excelent possibility. Guests could be accommodated in the spacious guesthouse with swimming pool. Beautiful hiking trips and nice barbecue events by the river side are possible. Additional appartments could be built.
  3. Another touristical approach would be the usage of the finca as a hub from where to start trips in the natural parks and the pacific coast line.
  4. Own usage for recreation and as relaxation oasis.
  5. Own usage as main residence in Costa Rica out in the nature, „in Costa Rica as it was in the old days”.

Property limits and topographie: you can split the property into “the lower northern river valley” with the barbecue ranch and “the southern upper valley” with the guesthouse and the swimmingpool. On the western and northern side the property is limited by the river Tabarcia (approx. 150m). On the East side the the property is limited by the roural road to Guayabo de Mora (also approx. 150m), as well as by the main road to Tabarcia. The souther boundary is a fresh creek (a “quebrada”, also approx. 150m).

Development: the property has 3 main buildings:

  1. The main guesthouse was built some decades ago from regional woods which. It is checked every year and planks are changed whenever this is recommendable. There is a comfortable bigger dormitory with cement walls and a safety metall door. It can be used for the storage of valuables in case of longer absences (it must be mentioned that the district of Tabarcia has a very low criminality and this is just a cautionary measure). The living space is 120 m2 (square meters) and can accommodate 8 guests. The living room is a spacious open room with the eating area, the kitchen and a recreational space with sofa and TV. A strong air conditioner guarantees you will have the right temperature in the whole space. The 2 main dormitories also have air conditioning. The elegant and ample swimming pool is in excelent condition and can accommodate plenty of guests in its 5x10 m2.
  2. The smaller „manager house“ has the smaller manager appartment, a closed storage room, and a garage. The manager and security guard is a young and motivated employee with driver license and lots of experience in all possible gardening tasks.
  3. Then there is the barbecue ranch in the „northern river valley“ with a restroom, lavatory and a spacious barbecue grill. This is a beautiful space where you can relax laying on your hamock, just a few meters away from the whooshing current of the Tabarcia river.
  4. Diverse equipment for maintenance and daily work in the farm is included. Part of that are the 2 quad bikes. It must the mentioned that the quads are currently not registered for transit other than the usage in the property and private rural roads (for one quad the registration is a simple request to extend the circulation permit “marchamo”). A „car trailer“ to be pulled by car or  quad is also included. It is very useful for the transportation of heavy loads (like fallen trees). A chain saw is included , same as a high-pressure cleaner. There are two lawn mowers (one electrical device and the another petrol scythe).

Direct neighbours: The property has no direct neighbours and is absolutely quiet. The creek on the southern side (approx. 150m) has clean and clear water. On the west and north approximately 150 meters of the Tabarcia river delimit the property. There is a little „river island“ which can be accessed from the finca. The river water is not suitable for drinking due to the upstrim agriculture. But the river remains a source of relaxation and it offers beautiful hikes, like the one down to the swing bridge on the northern limit of the property (it must be mentioned that laws for environmental protection in Costa Rica continue to improve and the quality of the river water has a high priority).

Tree stock: three are 15-20 trees with valuable regional woods like „cedros“ und „cedros caoba“. The woods has not been exploited in a commercial way, and only the older trees at the end of their life cycle are fallen and taken to the saw mill. There are some 7 orange trees, 3 grape fruit trees, 2 „sweet lemon“ trees (in Costa Rica called „limón dulce“ ), 1 lemon tree, a few mango trees, one avocado tree (you just must harvest the avocados faster than the parrots ; -) ). In the last 40 years the finca was solely used for recreation.

Protected area: an area of approx. 3500 m2 (square meters) in the north-eastern part of the property has remained untouched and is a small tropical forest alongside to the river and close to the little river island.

Other attractive routes:

  1. From Puriscal you can make a trip to San Pablo de Turrubares, a region with beautiful hills and close to the city of Orotina, where you can access the coastal highway (#27) going to the Pacific Ocean.
  2. Just approx. 1KM south of the property you will find a beautiful waterfall (also called „Campo del Angel“). Another attractive waterfall is also nearby.
  3. Please refer also to the notes about the location and possible usages of the property.

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